P. Grooves – BLÄCK METÄL

Song written, arranged, performed & produced by P. Grooves

LACK OF PURITY – Hell New Yeah 🤘 LIVE @ ((szene)) Vienna, 15.04.2023

Lack of Purity performing their brand new Song „Hell New Yeah“

CHAOS INSIDE – Live @ ((SZENE)) Vienna, 25.11.2022 (Medley)

A 10-minute Medley-Cut of Chaos Inside’s Gig at Starkstromfest 2022 @ ((szene)) Vienna

P. Grooves – Am Oasch Vorbei

Das Musikvideo zum neuesten Song von P. Grooves 🤘🤘🤘

VAN ALEN – String Theory LIVE @ Aera, Vienna 05.10.2019

Two Songs from Van Alen’s Debut Album „String Theory“ performed live in Area, Vienna.

Modeller-Vergleich – Kemper und Axe-FX II • Axe-Fest Germany 2019

Axe-Fest Germany 2019 Workshop

LACK OF PURITY – The Early Years (2000 – 2004) ★ Remastered Documentary

Die kultige Band-Doku aus dem Jahr 2004 endlich remastered!