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THUMPER is one of the most INTENSE VR experiences ever 🐞

Tron + VR + Cyber-Insekten + Highspeed + Neon Drogenrausch + Rhythmus + Action

What is the point of GOURDLETS?! And why is it so relaxing?!

Wholesome games like GOURDLETS are the new trend.

Is THE CALLISTO PROTOCOL really that bad?!

Is it perhaps better than its reputation? Let’s find out!

So kannst Du STEAM VR auf der QUEST 2 verwenden 🥽

Wie man das beliebte Oculus/Meta Quest 2 Headset mit seinem Windows PC verbinden kann, zeige ich Euch in diesem Video!

Space is deadlier than ever before 💀

Is it even better than the Original?


That’s probably how it feels to get richer and richer.

Bang all the marbles! • ZOOMA VR (Oculus)

This little Marble-Shooting Match-Three Puzzle-Adventure is suprisingly entertaining!

humaldo plays! – Channel Intro 2023

Ein neues Introvideo für meinen Let’s Play Kanal!

A dark fairy tale from the creator of DARK SOULS • DÉRACINÉ #1/2 (PSVR)

I almost overlooked this PSVR gem, created by the Mastermind behind Dark Souls.

60 years before Until Dawn • THE INPATIENT (PSVR)

This little psychological Horror PSVR exclusive game sheds some light on the events that lead to the PS4 classic UNTIL DAWN.

Gendern, Seancen, The Clone Wars, Vampire Survivors, PSVR, Thrones! uvm! • Das Medienformat #32

Der Podcast rund um Medien, Medienkultur und das Medienmachen!

Like a Phoenix I’ll puke • HOW WE SOAR (PSVR)

This game is meant to be artful and relaxing, but in the end it just made me literally sick.

A horribly good Teaser • BEGINNING HOUR – Resident Evil 7 Demo (PSVR)

Cut to 2016: Resident Evil became horror again.

No one survives the KITCHEN • Resident Evil 7 Demo (PSVR)

My shortest video ever is about sitting in a kitchen until I die.


Who whould have thought that THE BEST BY FAR Playstation VR Game is a cute Jump & Run game.

Ein allerletztes Mal PLAYSTATION VR 🥽👋👋👋

Im Februar 2023 erscheint die brandneue Playstation VR 2.

A sugar-coated Diorama-styled Remake • ZELDA – LINK’S AWAKENING 2019 (Switch)

After I recently played through the original Game Boy game here on the channel, I now also take a look at the remake from 2019!

Ein Spaziergängchen im Naturpark HOHE WAND • #wandern

Zum ersten Mal im neuen Jahr verlassen wir unsere wohlige Wohn-Höhle und besteigen bei eisigen Temperaturen die Hohe Wand.