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SUPER TURRICAN VS Director’s Cut • Versions Comparison

In this video, I compare both SUPER TURRICAN versions and show the differences.

Steredenn: Binary Stars finally on Nintendo Switch! • Portable Space-Pixel-Shooter Madness!

The award-winning rouge-like Space-Pixel-Shooter STEREDENN is finally available on the Nintendo Switch!


humaldo unboxt einfach mal den ANALOGUE SUPER NT für euch!

OLD MAN’S JOURNEY für Nintendo Switch • REVIEW

humaldo checkt einfach mal Old Man’s Journey für die Switch für euch!


Rhombus Of Ruin bridges the Xbox classic Psychonauts and the upcoming Psychonauts 2.

PSYCHONAUTS – Masterpiece or MEH? (Quick Review & First Hour of Gameplay)

Is this 3D Jump & Run Classic from 2005 really a masterpiece?

PLAYSTATION VR Worlds – „The Wii Sports of PSVR“ (Quick Playthrough)

I’m taking a closer look at all 5 included games.

HALLWAYS OF HORROR | P.T. – The lost HORROR masterpiece (Full Playthrough)

It’s time to visit the endless hallways of horror once again!

What’s up with our favorite Gaming YouTubers? #3/3 (04.Dec.2017 – 01.Jan.2018)

This is the third and final episode of my Gaming YouTubers News Overview series.

Good Bye, 2017! • VLOG

My last video of the year. Can’t wait for 2018!

What’s up with our favorite Gaming YouTubers? #2/3 (20.Nov.2017 – 03.Dec.2017)

My second attempt to deliver the latest Gaming YouTubers News!

HURX HATES VIDEOGAMES!!! (Angry guy from Alps destroys SNES gamepad)

hurx, the alpine rage minister, kindly asked me to host his videos on my channel. I thought, yeah, what could possibly go wrong.

DEATH SQUARED – Saving Some Suicidal Cyber Cubes (Review)

I’m reviewing DEATH SQUARED, a small but tricky puzzle game for PC and Consoles.

What’s up with our favorite Gaming YouTubers? #1/3 (6.Nov.2017 – 19.Nov.2017)

My very first Gaming YouTubers News Overview video!

100 YOUTUBE SUBS! (…and I’m a Twitcher, baby!) • VLOG

Consider this video as my 100 subscribers special 🙂

[ SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY ] #1 – Finally a new true 3D Mario!

And it’s kinda… weird? But in a good way. A very good way!

Finally: Nintendo Switch Video Capturing!! (+ Firmware 4.0.0 Quick Overview)

Finally we’re able to float the internet with Switch Gameplay Videos, yay!!

[ SNES CLASSIC EDITION ] #1 – System Overview & Super Mario World

SNES Classic/Mini in tha house! Such an awesome device. Pure Love. Wow