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PSYCHONAUTS – Masterpiece or MEH?

Is this 3D Jump & Run Classic from 2005 really a masterpiece?

PLAYSTATION VR Worlds – „The Wii Sports of PSVR“

I’m taking a closer look at all 5 included games.

HALLWAYS OF HORROR!! (P.T. – The lost HORROR masterpiece)

It’s time to visit the endless hallways of horror once again!

Gaming YouTubers NEWS OVERVIEW #3/3 (04.Dec.2017 – 01.Jan.2018)

This is the third and final episode of my Gaming YouTubers News Overview series.

Gaming YouTubers NEWS OVERVIEW #2/3 (20.Nov.2017 – 03.Dec.2017)

My second attempt to deliver the latest Gaming YouTubers News!


hurx, the alpine rage minister, kindly asked me to host his videos on my channel. I thought, yeah, what could possibly go wrong.

Saving Some Suicidal Cyber Cubes | DEATH SQUARED Review

I’m reviewing DEATH SQUARED, a small but tricky puzzle game for PC and Consoles.

Gaming YouTubers NEWS OVERVIEW #1/3 (6.Nov.2017 – 19.Nov.2017)

My very first Gaming YouTubers News Overview video!

[ SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY ] #1 – Finally a new true 3D Mario!

And it’s kinda… weird? But in a good way. A very good way!

Finally: Nintendo Switch Video Capturing!! (+ Firmware 4.0.0 Quick Overview)

Finally we’re able to float the internet with Switch Gameplay Videos, yay!!

[ SNES CLASSIC EDITION ] #1 – System Overview & Super Mario World

SNES Classic/Mini in tha house! Such an awesome device. Pure Love. Wow

TERRA TECHNICA – Die Eröffnung!

Diesmal zwar kein Rock Konzert, dafür aber geschichtsträchtiges Nerd-Zeug von Jukeboxen über Flipper zu Videospielen. Da wiehert das Sehenspferd!

[ NES CLASSIC EDITION ] #1 – System Overview & Balloon Fight (Late to the Party)

First episode of a new series! I’ll play all included games of the NES MINI!