THUMPER is one of the most INTENSE VR experiences ever 🐞

Tron + VR + Cyber-Insekten + Highspeed + Neon Drogenrausch + Rhythmus + Action

What is the point of GOURDLETS?! And why is it so relaxing?!

Wholesome games like GOURDLETS are the new trend.

Why is destroying always more fun than building? • SIM CITY

Sim City on the SNES includes Bowser. What more can I say?

Is THE CALLISTO PROTOCOL really that bad?!

Is it perhaps better than its reputation? Let’s find out!

So kannst Du STEAM VR auf der QUEST 2 verwenden 🥽

Wie man das beliebte Oculus/Meta Quest 2 Headset mit seinem Windows PC verbinden kann, zeige ich Euch in diesem Video!

Space is deadlier than ever before 💀

Is it even better than the Original?


That’s probably how it feels to get richer and richer.

Bang all the marbles! • ZOOMA VR (Oculus)

This little Marble-Shooting Match-Three Puzzle-Adventure is suprisingly entertaining!

humaldo plays! – Channel Intro 2023

Ein neues Introvideo für meinen Let’s Play Kanal!

A dark fairy tale from the creator of DARK SOULS • DÉRACINÉ #1/2 (PSVR)

I almost overlooked this PSVR gem, created by the Mastermind behind Dark Souls.

60 years before Until Dawn • THE INPATIENT (PSVR)

This little psychological Horror PSVR exclusive game sheds some light on the events that lead to the PS4 classic UNTIL DAWN.

Like a Phoenix I’ll puke • HOW WE SOAR (PSVR)

This game is meant to be artful and relaxing, but in the end it just made me literally sick.

A horribly good Teaser • BEGINNING HOUR – Resident Evil 7 Demo (PSVR)

Cut to 2016: Resident Evil became horror again.

No one survives the KITCHEN • Resident Evil 7 Demo (PSVR)

My shortest video ever is about sitting in a kitchen until I die.


Who whould have thought that THE BEST BY FAR Playstation VR Game is a cute Jump & Run game.

Ein allerletztes Mal PLAYSTATION VR 🥽👋👋👋

Im Februar 2023 erscheint die brandneue Playstation VR 2.

A sugar-coated Diorama-styled Remake • ZELDA – LINK’S AWAKENING 2019 (Switch)

After I recently played through the original Game Boy game here on the channel, I now also take a look at the remake from 2019!

A nostalgic Link to my past • ZELDA – LINK’S AWAKENING DX #1 (Gameboy)

There’s probably no game I have more fond memories of than Link’s Awakening.