HURX HATES VIDEOGAMES!!! (Angry guy from Alps destroys SNES gamepad)

hurx, the alpine rage minister, kindly asked me to host his videos on my channel. I thought, yeah, what could possibly go wrong. Oh. Haven’t noticed you. Was busy raging about this damn fucking game. I’m Hurx. The Alpine Rage Minister. I’m raging about Games. And everything related to them. You probably don’t know me. I’ve only talked to small audiences until now. Selected, hand-picked audiences. So, almost only in the Wirtshaus here in the Alps. Not on the Internet. But it’s enough now. There’s just too much rage in me. I have to let it out, out to the public. And here I am. humaldo was kind enough to offer me a slot on his Gaming channel. Thank you humaldo! You are an idiot, but at least you’re a helpful one.

You probably want to know why I’m so angry? Why I’m carrying so much Anger in me? You surely want to know why I’ll be throwing big piles of RAGE and HATE around from now on? Oh, I beg you want to watch me lose control and pour my pure RAGE over the Video Gaming world? You want to watch when really nothing and no one will be spared?!  Yes, I’m sure you want to watch this. You’d like to be there. That just typical! Just here for the spectacle, watching everything from a safe distance. While I am raging about Video Games, Video Game Developers and Video Game Publishers. But don’t think you’ll be spared, cowardly hidden on the other side, the safe of your computer screen, where nothing can happen to you! I will get to you as well!

Because I’m hurx, the Alpine Rage Minister. My rage is law. And from now on, the law is being enforced here on humaldos Gaming channel. See you there! Very soon. Or not. I don’t care. I will rage with or without you anyway.

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