humaldo plays!16 Videos

[ GET EVEN ] #1 – Now that’s an epic smartphone! | Twitch Reupload

Mercenaries, a kidnapped girl, flashbacks, a lunatic asylum, a super-duper smartphone and amnesia. Why not!

[ SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY ] #1 – Finally a new true 3D Mario!

And it’s kinda… weird? But in a good way. A very good way!

Finally: Nintendo Switch Video Capturing!! (+ Firmware 4.0.0 Quick Overview)

Finally we’re able to float the internet with Switch Gameplay Videos, yay!!

[ SNES CLASSIC EDITION ] #1 – System Overview & Super Mario World

SNES Classic/Mini in tha house! Such an awesome device. Pure Love. Wow

[ NES CLASSIC EDITION ] #1 – System Overview & Balloon Fight (Late to the Party)

First episode of a new series! I’ll play all included games of the NES MINI!

[ MONKEY ISLAND SE ] #1 – I want to be a pirate!

Welcome to a quick playthrough of Monkey Island SE, one of the most famous and most important Point & Click games ever!

[ THE LION’S SONG ] #1 – Anything could be an inspiration!

The first episode of my humaldo plays The Lion’s Song Let’s Play series!

[ THIMBLEWEED PARK ] #1 – Welcome to Thimbleweed Park!

The first episode of my humaldo plays Thimbleweed Park Let’s Play series!